Installing opentaps on JBoss

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1 Introduction 2 Pre-requirements 3 Packaging Opentaps 4 Configuring JBoss 5 Depolying opentaps 6 Starting opentaps


The Ant scripts for JBoss deployment package opentaps applications to an exploded EAR directory which contains exploded WAR directories for the opentaps web applications, a lib directory with all the dependent libraries and resources files, as well as a META-INF directory that contains the application.xml file.

The scripts also provide tasks to automate the opentaps deployment to a JBoss app server. However we only recommend the use of such automated tasks for JBoss deployment under a development or testing server. Deployments to a production server should be taken more seriously. Upgrading a production application is something that should be done deliberately, and in our opinion, should be done by hand.

We will show you step-by-step on how to deploy opentaps to JBoss app server 4.2.2 in the following sections. It assumes that you are reasonably familiar with JBoss app servers, and you have already installed the MySQL database for opentaps. For details on how to use opentaps with MySQL, refer to the Wiki page at


Download and install from at Download and install MySQL Download the opentaps Setup MySQL for opentaps: Create opentaps database in MySQL, and load opentaps application data to the database

Packaging Opentaps

1. Set JBOSS_HOME and JAVA_HOME in ${opentaps.home}/ to point to your JBoss app server and JDK installation directories

2. Change the connection-url, user-name, and password in ${opentaps.home}/framework/appserver/templates/jboss422/datasources/mysql-ds.xml to point to the opentaps database

3. Locate the system property -Dofbiz.home in ${opentaps.home}/framework/appserver/templates/jboss422/misc/run.bat under Windows (or for Unix) and change its value to point to the opentaps home directory

4. Package opentaps

ant -f build-ear.xml package-jboss

Configuring JBoss

Use the following Ant task to configure the datasource, SSL, and JBoss start-up scripts in JBoss app server

ant -f build-ear.xml setup-jboss

Please note this task should be called only once to configure JBoss to run openstaps before any opentaps deployment. And it shouldn't be called again next time you redeploy opentaps.

Depolying opentaps

Simply copy the ${opentaps.home}/build/opentaps directory into ${JBOSS_HOME}/server/default/deploy.

Alternatively you can run the following Ant task to package opentaps and install it to JBoss in one step

ant -f build-ear.xml install-jboss

Starting opentaps

Finally to start JBoss app server under Windows


or under Unix


After the server is started, you should be able to access opentaps at http://localhost:8080/.

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